Watch Wind at My Back Season 4 Episode 11 Online

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 from 282 votes

Release: 1996 / Wind at My Back / Season 4 / Episode 11



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Synopsis: Watch Wind at My Back Season 4 Episode 11 online free. In Wind at My Back Season 4 Episode 11 Putlocker Full Episodes, The Sutton and Bailey families are getting an early Christmas present: Honey is well enough to come home, they hope for good, after spending a year at the sanatorium. Honey wants to resume her life in New Bedford just they way she left it, but it ends up not being as simple as that. With the hair dressing shop, all of her customers have gone elsewhere and the general consensus amongst the townsfolk is that Honey is still "contagious" from her tuberculosis. Her children are a year older, and Hub in particular is verging on manhood. Honey doesn't like the fact that Hub is showing so much attention to Alice, who Honey feels should be supported by the baby's biological father regardless of the suitability of him as a father or husband. Ultimately, Honey comes to the realization that she is treating Alice the way that the townsfolk are treating her. Meanwhile, Eddy has some grand plans for the pawn shop. Based in part by some comments by May and by Eddy himself, Maisey begins to have doubts about her father's sincerity of leading a straight life and feels that the pawn shop scheme may be a way to abscond with some of her money. And Toppy doesn't want to admit to herself or Archie in particular that she is going through "the change" in life - menopause - and as such decides to self-medicate herself rather than follow doctor's orders.