Watch Loaded Season 1 Episode 6 Online

IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 from 10 votes

Release: 2013 / Loaded / Season 1 / Episode 6




Synopsis: Watch Loaded Season 1 Episode 6 online free. In Loaded Season 1 Episode 6 Putlocker Full Episodes, Leon is thrilled to be on the Red List, of the most successful young entrepreneurs, whilst Ewan's new boyfriend Callum convinces him that he is being exploited and should fight his corner for recognition. Meanwhile Watto befriends a stray dog which is terminally ill and devises a bucket list for the dog, which sadly goes awry. Josh takes Abi to an investor's meeting and is vexed when the handsome Graham appears to come on to her whilst buying her ideas so he sets up a fake rival firm to impress her. Leon takes Casey to the Red List function but is disgusted to find it based on nepotism before discovering that Casey has been working on a plan of her own to keep Idyl going.