Watch CHiPs Season 6 Episode 4 Online

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 from 6,144 votes

Release: 1977 / CHiPs / Season 6 / Episode 4

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Synopsis: Watch CHiPs Season 6 Episode 4 online free. In CHiPs Season 6 Episode 4 Putlocker Full Episodes, The show opens at the concert of a goth rock star named Moloch, who is performing his new song, "Devil Take Me." Ponch and Hot Dog are hired to escort him to his concerts in the area (as well as keep the press and protesters away). As Moloch leaves the concert in his hearse (decorated with demonic pictures and the number 666), a mysterious voice comes over the car's tape player, "Moloch Must Die!" Moloch is freaked out, but then sees that he's lost his brakes and that the steering mechanism has also been severed, leaving him a sitting duck in a car that quickly goes out of control. As the car quickly fills with toxic smoke, Ponch and Hot Dog see what is happening and rescue Moloch just in time. Moloch -- who off-stage is Mickey Northagen -- is spooked and wants to know what's going on. His manager, Vincent, seems concerned as well, but the officers are skeptical because when the tape is played, no one can hear the mysterious, demonic messages calling for Moloch's death. Meanwhile, Northagen tells his manager, Vincent Purial, owner of Purial Recording Studios, that he wants out. Vincent responds with promises of untold wealth and multi-million album sales and convinces him to film a music video for "Devil Take Me." Ponch and Hot Dog approach Northagen to demand further answers, and Northagen admits he thinks claims that the messages can be heard while playing the tape backwards is a bunch of baloney... until -- in front of the officers -- the message is not only heard but becomes more threatening: "Molock WILL die!" Eventually, Ponch and Hot Dog realize that Purial is trying to kill Northagen the motivation being that with Moloch having now been made a martyr, Moloch's new album will sell in unheard numbers and that young fans will spend hours trying to decipher the supposed messages, and that as a result of this publicity stunt, Purial will reap a huge profit. The officers arrive just in time to interrupt filming of the video and foil Purial's murder scheme. Purial admits his plans just before he is taken into custody. The subplot involves the officers planning for a Halloween party, where Elvira is a guest.